In a dangerous world, we need to seek COMMON SECURITY

The Campaign for Peace, Disarmament and Common Security (CPDCS) advocates for peace and nuclear disarmament within a framework of common security among nations. People and populations can only feel safe when their counterparts also feel safe.

Security can't be achieved against a nation's rival, but only with it

Security can't be achieved against a
nation's rival, but only with it

Security can't be achieved against a nation's rival, but only with it

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Chosen Traumas, Enemy Relationships, and Common Security?

We are excited to be launching CPDCS’ occasional blog with Paul Joseph’s excellent short article “Chosen Traumas, Enemy Relationships, and Common Security.” His essay speaks to our moment, to history and the future. Read it with Israel and Palestine, Russia and Ukraine, the U.S. and China, red states and blue in mind. As Gandhi said many years ago, “An eye for an eye for an eye leaves us all blind.”  Common security, which Paul describes in his essay provides life affirming alternatives that are essential for peace, justice, and environmental sustainability.

Common Security

Geopolitical changes in world

Webinar: The World’s Tectonic Geopolitical Changes and Their Implications

A webinar panel on the Tectonic Geopolitical changes that are transforming the international landscape, their implications, and common security policies.

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US Chinese Relations

Webinar: Illustrated Introduction to U.S.-Chinese Relations

An introduction for concerned those who have hesitated to make the dive into understanding the history, tensions, and alternatives to the world’s most important and potentially dangerous  strategic relationship.

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Vets for Peace Walk

May 15 – Vets for Peace  Peace Walk Potluck and Public Forum with Joseph Gerson

Veterans For Peace Potluck initiating a national project to walk from Maine to arrive in Washington, DC, in July.



Speech at Dual Ceasefire Rally – Downtown Crossing, Boston, Feb. 24, 2024

by Joseph Gerson Let me tell you why I am here. I am Jewish. I was born in 1946, just after the Holocaust. My parents taught me three lessons from the Holocaust. “Never again to anyone.” And anyone means anyone. “Never participate in the crime of silence” by turning away from injustice. And “There is … Read the post


Confronting a dangerous world

Confronting A Dangerous World

CPDCS is hosting a discussion forum to address the challenges to peace and justice.